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G-Lab-2b – ThinkTank Intercultural Communication

At G-Lab-2b we explore and develop solutions, how communication and language can have a positive impact on intercultural crises and conflict resolution.

In this context, socio-cultural issues such as racism, migration and integration and power dynamics are also investigated in this think tank through the lens of social and human sciences such as sociology, education, philosophy and history.

Read, think, learn, participate, develop, and apply.

G-Lab-2b - ThinkTank Intercultural Communication

Research paper: Exploring increasing hatred and racism

Academic research Exploring the causalities of absence of positive future perspective with increasing hatred and racism by Leonard Glab Frontera. Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Nov,2023. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.21935.30887/1 Available from: Research Area: Intercultural conflicts and crisis Focused Topic: Rise of hatred and racism against migrants in Spain in times of crisis   Academic research question What causalities has the absence…
11 de June de 2024
PiedrasG-Lab-2b - ThinkTank Intercultural Communication

Progress in the right direction: global cooperation

Unfortunately, in recent months we have heard many governments of countries, among them: China, Russia, Germany, France, England, Nordic and Baltic countries etc..., say that they will again increase the “defense” budget and arm their armies to be prepared for war. However, this raises the underlying question: If we go back to the same patterns, can we really call the…
4 de June de 2024
La solución puede ser un problemaG-Lab-2b - ThinkTank Intercultural Communication

The solution could be the problem

In our world we try to look for clear answers and “perfect” solutions. But what happens when those very solutions are themselves the problem? This article examines this paradoxical situation from several perspectives. “Every solution to a problem changes the problem.” Paul Watzlawick. The solution can be a problem It is a fact that solutions are often more complex than…
3 de June de 2024
Anne FrankG-Lab-2b - ThinkTank Intercultural Communication

Freedom and the responsibility that comes with it

Today I want to talk to you about a subject deeply manifested in the soul of humanity: freedom. The interesting thing about freedom is that it is both a universal and personal concept, a right for which generations have “fought” and continue to “fight”. There are many remarkable examples of the “struggle” for freedom in human history, but today I…
10 de May de 2024
Puzzle mediationG-Lab-2b - ThinkTank Intercultural Communication

Holistic mediation: various perspectives

The thesis of this article: a “theory of mediation” would be a derivation of “practical mediation”, but with a scientific basis, which explains exactly why mediation can work or has to work in (escalated) conflict. Although Harvard research is often used to scientifically justify mediation, it does not fulfill all the necessary requirements and perspectives, because it does not define…
4 de April de 2024

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