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Academic research

Exploring the causalities of absence of positive future perspective with increasing hatred and racism

by Leonard Glab Frontera.
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Nov,2023.
DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.21935.30887/1
Research Area: Intercultural conflicts and crisis
Focused Topic: Rise of hatred and racism against migrants in Spain in times of crisis


Academic research question

What causalities has the absence of positive futureperspective in the Spanish society with the increasing hatred and racism towards migrants?

Hypothesis: After reviewing past and current academic studies, in Spain andInternational-wide, I analyzed that specifically for Spain and Europe, studies about hate-speech and racism related to migrants, have been covered broadly. But missing in-depth causalities especially when it comes to social and intercultural behavior inthe Spanish society in times of crisis and change.In my pre-analysis I found the research gap that there hasn’t been analysed the link between the absence of positive future perspective of the Spanish society and the slow change of the social status quo with the increasing hatred and racism towards migrants.


Several research methods

The research question “What causalities has the absence of positive futureperspective in the Spanish society with the increasing hatred and racism towardsmigrants?” makes it necessary to use and combine several research methods to getto a well-founded conclusion.
It requires different quantitative gathered data to analyse the causal relationships. Specifically, we will use surveys and structured questionnaires, which are appropriatetechniques to gather data about the future outlook of the Spanish society, but as wellhow their attitude, feelings and beliefs are regards the migrants. These gathering methods will provide enough data for the further statistical analysis where thesearched causalities should be found. In this case the regression analysis would be a“perfect” fit to identify the causal relationships quantitatively.
Having different data sources will help to compare them and compliment if necessary.If these research methods, surveys, and structured questionnaires, are doneperiodically it could help to see a tendency of the development of hatred and racism,compared to the variable of absence of positive future perspective, over a longertime period.

Especially it is an interesting dataset as well when the actions to mitigate the hate and racism are implemented or the current crisis is lowering his intensity and future outlook is more positive.

In this research we are facing to capture the complexity of human perceptions andemotions, and societal dynamics which are central to the research question stated.

In consequence to the research method chosen, which is based on surveys andstructured questionnaires, the most suitable way of applying theory to the researchproject is through the “theory use in quantitative research” approach.

This means that existing theories in sociology, psychology, or political science aboutsocietal attitudes of any society can be used to design the surveys and structured questionnaires. Like this it assures that the questions are sharp enough and focused to reach the research goals. Another aspect to take in account in the research will be the strict use of theory to make it testable and falsifiable, which will help to make it credible as a “real” result.


Research outcome

It’s important to remark that the research must prove the impact of the variable “Future perspective” of the person and in that specific moment on the variables “Times of crises” and variable “degree of hate and discrimination against migrants”.
The research will take in account that the theoretical framework is established during the planning phase of the research and in parallel development of the definition of the research topic, the research question itself and the development of hypothesesand research method chosen.
Which in the case of this research all criteria are covered.




Author Leonard Glab Frontera

Strategic Communications | Research in intercultural conflicts and crisis | Peace Mediator | University Lecturer

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