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Today I want to talk to you about a subject deeply manifested in the soul of humanity: freedom. The interesting thing about freedom is that it is both a universal and personal concept, a right for which generations have “fought” and continue to “fight”. There are many remarkable examples of the “struggle” for freedom in human history, but today I would like to highlight two extraordinary young women: Anne Frank and Sophie Scholl have impressed and marked me in my journey, their stories are not only testimonies of courage and resistance, but also shining examples of how individual voices can break through the darkness and bring light into the world.

Freedom and the responsibility that comes with it

Sophie Scholl and Anne Frank, these young women show us that freedom is not only an external state, but also an inner attitude. They teach us that even if we are physically limited we can be mentally free and we have to recognize the responsibility that comes with it, for freedom means standing up for humanity, even when the challenges seem insurmountable.

May their stories guide and inspire us to shine our own light in the darkness and fight for a world where freedom is not just a dream, but a reality for all. Let us stand up and be brave together, because every voice counts and each of us can make a difference.

This awareness leads us to appreciate more deeply what it means to live in a society that values and defends freedom. It reminds us that freedom cannot be taken for granted; it was fought for by courageous people willing to risk everything. In a world increasingly characterized by injustice, intolerance and oppression, the stories of Anne Frank and Sophie Scholl are shining examples of the importance of standing up for the values that define a free and just society.

Martin Luther King Jr: “Freedom is never freely given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.”

We live in a time when our freedoms are threatened by both external and internal forces. External threats come in the form of authoritarian governments that seek to suppress freedom of expression and social structures that foster inequality and discrimination. Internal threats come from our own fears, prejudices and willingness to prioritize expediency over principle. In these times, it is more important than ever that we remember what Anne and Sophie taught us: that true courage lies in standing up for what is right, even when it is dangerous, and that our inner convictions are stronger than any external force.

Let us not remain passive in the face of injustice.

Instead, let us be active, stay informed and stand up for those whose voices are being suppressed. It is about creating a consciousness that goes beyond individual freedoms and embraces the collective freedom of all people. This means standing up against injustice, wherever it occurs, and advocating for an inclusive society where everyone has equal rights and opportunities.

Anne Frank: “How wonderful it is that no one has to wait a moment before starting to make the world a better place.”

Anne Frank and Sophie Scholl have left us a legacy that goes far beyond their own lives. They have shown us that there is hope in the darkest of times and that each of us has the power to bring about change. Their courage and determination are a call for all of us to follow in their footsteps and work for a better world.

Freedom is a duty to ourselves

Freedom is a duty to ourselves, to our fellow human beings and to future generations to create a world characterized by love, respect and freedom for all.

For, after all, freedom is humanity’s most precious asset, and it is up to us to preserve and promote it.

“Long live freedom” (Hans Scholl’s last words).



Author Leonard Glab Frontera

Strategic Communications | Research in intercultural conflicts and crisis | Peace Mediator | University Lecturer

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