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Experienced founders leveraging B2B Marketing are game changers of the Start-up era

More and more experienced people are now founding their companies in different sectors! Leveraging their experience and networks built over long careers to get ahead of the competition. But one thing they all have in common is they are best when it comes to B2B marketing strategies to achieve desired results in their start-up.


Are you too old for the start-up game?

A very disheartening trend when it comes to job seeking is that companies tend to say that they prefer “younger candidates”.

Many people are feeling stressed and sceptical about the fact that they are too old to start a new business, especially in the hectic sector of finance. It is indeed getting harder to break the structure of the current job market when you are an older candidate.

Some reasons are the following: (Nicoletti, Nicoletti and Weis 2017)

  • The schools that teach business generally prefer younger students and companies prefer younger candidates to apply to jobs, a trend that has worsened over the years, and this results in the younger associates;
  • Finance firms are always on the prowl for candidates who can stay for a longer time. 

Even with all these limitations, it is possible to build a startup in finance, especially if you have a good work record and experience. The main questions that you need to ask yourself before you start with your plan are the following:

  • Why do you want to pursue this dream? The main reasons we usually hear from the people who are 60 or above is that they have lost their purpose and feel empty after leaving their traditional jobs. After their careers are over they still feel that they have a lot to give, and want to leverage their experience in something that will challenge them.
  • What is your strategy? A B2B business needs a good marketing strategy, be it a start-up in the fintech sector or an agribusiness.

Supplement passion with a great marketing strategy

The key element for their success… passion. Passion to keep learning, passion to build a better future for everyone, passion to run your own business and create a start-up. And in this sense, age does not influence the quality of your work when there is love and passion present in what you do, or strive to accomplish.

If your calling is to start a start-up in FinTech, then you need a strategy that will help you succeed. There has also been evidence that the start-up founder who is older than 50 has more chances to be successful than a 30 year old because of two main things: experience and network. 

One of the most important aspects in a successful start-up is their business model, and the B2B Marketing Strategies that they follow. How to position a new brand in the industry and acquire as many high quality clients as possible? That would be impossible without a proper B2B marketing strategy.  The founder of a start-up definitely has creative and innovative ideas but they also need to be clear on how to take the business forward.

So, what are some key B2B Marketing tactics that a new FinTech Start-up should follow in order to be successful? There is definitely no secret formula, but some of the following might work (and very well!)

  • Market research: the first step to understand where you are standing and most importantly, where your customers are. Research will give you a basis to start your marketing strategy and will give you interesting insights;
  • A high performance website: this is your presence online, they way you build your visibility. This is how your customers are going to see you, and most importantly, find you;
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy: do you want to be easily found? Then SEO will be your best friend. The more keywords you have well optimized, the greater possibility the search engines will detect you as a website with relevant content, so there is a better chance your audience is going to interact with your website. Don’t forget about it!
  • Referral marketing: through this tactic you can widespread your brand reputation, position as an expert in the industry and get new customers.


Now understand the strong unbreakable chain that links experience and a good B2B marketing strategy to success. But could it be better?

FinTech today, start-up paradise?

There are many new technologies in B2B fintech start-up such as automation, open sourcing and machine learning, with areas like online payment, banking and enterprise software to help companies. The B2B fintech will grow due to the usage of technologies and artificial intelligence in the business which is extremely important in this era especially during the pandemic when everything is done online and is efficient in that manner (Haddad and Hornuf, 2019).

The 2020s are going to be incredible for B2B FinTech and it is a great time to build as well as invest in these start-ups, always taking into account a solid B2B Marketing Strategy, because only those who are the best, will win first place in the podium. The amount of B2B fintech that will be made public in a decade will triple the original amount and thus there will be great possibilities of profits. 

And what about the age of the founders? I think we made it pretty clear that It is definitely not a barrier! In fact, it is a plus and a game changer when it comes to the Start-up era we are living on.


We at Glab2b are specialists in Inbound B2B marketing, and we would be more than welcome to help you achieve your goals of success. Get in touch with us today and let us know what your needs are. We have years of experience working with clients from different sectors. And can surely help you increase your leads.


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