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Your guide with tips, trends and outlooks on B2B digital marketing

b2b digital marketing

2020 was and 2021 still is a truly turbulent year. Not only for B2B digital marketing, but for almost all areas.

With this guide, we would like to show you tips, ideas and opportunities for your B2B marketing strategy. Among many trends, the crisis year forced many companies to rethink their marketing strategy. Trade shows and events were cancelled and live communication increasingly had to be replaced by digital and hybrid events. In addition, it remains unclear how things will continue. Therefore, alternatives had to be created. Implementing an online marketing strategy and creating new communication channels is becoming more important than ever.

In this article, we want to help you to learn everything important to start this year stronger and successfully with a solid B2B digital marketing strategy. That’s why our team of experts decided to put together a list of six simple tips for overcoming this difficult time.


  1. Look for ways to help

If you can help people get through this time, please do so. Now is not the time to try at all costs to improve your sales, but rather to join forces and help each other. This may not have any direct effect on your organization, but your employees, community and customers will remember your efforts when the crisis comes to an end.


  1. Make sure you are found

In 2021, increasing its visibility on the internet is an essential lever for companies. It has become the primary tool for searching for information and solutions. Gaining web visibility is a challenge for many. We therefore encourage you to improve your search engine optimization. This step will allow customers who are looking for a certain type of product or solution to find you more quickly.

Check out for a short SEO introduction our book recommendation: «Seo For Beginners in 2021: Learn How To Implement SEO Strategies For Your Online Business» 


  1. Stop all non-essential marketing activity and redefine your goals

Successful marketers act quickly and adapt to circumstances.

Find the marketing activities that are getting you positive results and temporarily eliminate any that fall on deaf ears. Remember, a lot of research has been done on the behavior of companies during downturns and all the results show that companies that continued some of their activities performed significantly better (after the crisis) than companies that had stopped all their marketing activities.


  1. Stay relevant and sensitive to your audience

If you want to say anything about the situation at hand, do it! Without this communication / information, not only will your customers think that you are closed (and will therefore go to your competitors) but above all they will have a negative image of your brand and may very quickly stand out.

Maintaining a presence and strengthening links with the customers remain important in this period of Covid-19. You must constantly ensure customer service and after-sales service. In addition, do not hesitate to develop relevant and practical content that your (potential) customers will enjoy reading. After all, they have a lot more time to spend working from home.

b2b digital marketing

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  1. Invest in digital channels

As mentioned previously, it is highly recommended to communicate with your audience, even from a distance.

Now is the perfect time to make sure your social media keeps pace. Why not run free webinars on topics that are important to your clients? The objective is to share relevant content and offer a digital experience in relation with your business.


  1. Provide up-to-date, relevant content

B2B customers are also going through hard times and are looking for help and solutions. Companies should react to this and increasingly provide content that satisfies the increased need for information. You should do so as quickly and competently as possible. But where to find appropriate? Check down here:

  • Google: Which relevant topics related to your own field of activity play a major role in search queries? The answer is provided by Google’s news section, for example. It presents the current news situation in line with the keyword. Companies can draw inspiration from this.
  • Employees: There is a lot of know-how in the company’s own workforce. For example, customer advisors know exactly what their B2B target group is currently concerned about. These and other internal sources of information are a good basis for content that can be implemented quickly and is precisely tailored to the customer’s needs.
  • Industry media: Online or print trade magazines are also a good source of ideas. Recognized authors can possibly be won over at short notice for exclusive contributions or as influencers.
  • Updates: Your own articles or references that have already been published and are relevant may no longer be up to date. Then they should be updated.


To conclude, what if this is the right time to challenge your B2B strategy?

After all, we always run after time and rarely have the opportunity to dwell on these topics at length. So this is perhaps the opportunity to take a step back, to review your relationship with time, to question your customers and employees, to question your choices and dare to redefine your B2B business strategy.

Redesigning its brand platform, reviewing its ecosystem, modifying its organization, understanding its environmental impact, looking for new sources of value … the objectives are multiple and this crisis should not only be an interlude in life! This crisis must be an opportunity to reinvent our business models, our products, our services and to commit ourselves to making lasting and impacting changes for us, others and the planet.


Our experts remain at your disposal if you need additional information or if you would like any advice on your B2B Marketing strategy. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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