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5 tips for an effective marketing in the B2B food industry


Marketing in the B2B industry is a tough challenge–and in the B2B food industry, it is even tougher. Remaining competitive requires that food suppliers are quick in production and large in volume without ever compromising quality. But where do we even begin? How do we communicate this properly to our potential clients?

Here are 5 tips to help you maintain effective marketing in the B2B food industry!

1.Create a buyer persona for effective marketing

Segmentation and targeting are more important than ever in today’s globalized world.  Every industry is full of many different buyers: needs, dimensions, and concerns. The buyer persona is an amazing and necessary tool because it allows a more precise communications strategy and targeting from the sales team. You’ll need to find ways to grab their attention, tailoring content and language to their interests. 

Understanding the profile of the person in charge of the purchases inside companies is crucial to allocate your resources and energy efficiently to increase the number of deals. In the B2B/B2C food industry, there are a lot of different needs and growing tendencies. It has become extremely important to choose the right segment, conquer, and preserve it.

Let’s face it, marketing resources are not infinite. Engaging with the right people is a simple and cheap way to provide a concrete impact in your marketing efforts. In fact, buyer personas are the foundation of your marketing strategy, so the real challenge starts now!

2. How to build a solid B2B brand?

The increase in global warming has changed our ways of thinking and behaving. People now recognize that it is necessary to take care of our world.

Green Communications is changing the behavior of companies in the face of food waste. How? Segmenting and targeting in a more specific way to meet the values as a company.

As marketeers, we often talk about important issues such as sustainability and help businesses communicate their efforts in the best way possible. But sometimes, even we fail to put much value into these. We’re all aware that there is a problem with food waste, but How many of us are really impacted by this? What role do we play, and how can we bring about change in our daily lives too? A way to build a solid brand is to join collective movements that resonate with your company’s values, clients, and your clients’ customers too!

Involving your business in various community efforts allows potential partners to know where you stand when it comes to issues in the food industry. In today’s day and age, no one wants to work with people who only work to serve themselves!

We introduce Refood, a B2C player that focuses on helping B2B companies. A great example of what it means to build solid brands through participation in community initiatives. Whether supermarket chains or restaurants, Refood will seek what it no longer needs to give to the neediest. Click to know your #2 tip for marketing in B2B food industry!

Refood in Portugal



“Eliminate food waste and hunger, involving the whole community in a common cause.«



3. Is time to invest and share in the right owned media for your Business

In today’s internet world, social media assets that are not being maintained can be dangerous to a company.

B2B companies rely on strong reputation built by quality work that can be amplified by past and present clients. Not having a visible presence online stifles your company’s potential growth.

How are potential clients in the food industry supposed to know the work that you’ve done if they have not been made aware of it? Word of mouth is great, but an extra push online would not hurt your company too!

Company pages on social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to share the work that you have done to past, present, and potential clients. Being accessible online not only provides you with an opportunity to showcase your work, but to respond to potential leads and turn them into customers as well!

4. Practice social listening

Despite the concept of social listening being more prevalent in B2C marketing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it cannot be applied in the B2B industry. While it is important to know the needs and wants of your potential customers, it is even more important to know their customers.

At the end of the day, your potential clients also have their own customers to serve. This is why they’ve decided to collaborate with you in the first place!

Go above and beyond by showing your potential clients that you are aware of the markets they serve.

Carefully studying your client’s market will be much appreciated. This will increase their trust and provide your business with an edge as it signifies that you are more than capable of working with them!

5.  Why collect and interpret B2B key data for food industry is so important

According to MarketsandMarkets firm’s, Big Data services and solutions will reach more than $250 billion by 2025.

This means that the amount of data will continue to grow! Companies will increasingly need tools to analyse this information accurately. To subsequently turn data into business signals that can be directly identified by marketing and sales teams.

After careful analysis we can achieve specific objectives in the following areas:

  • Renewals
  • New business proposals
  • Lead generation
  • Sending the right content at the right time
  • Identifying a specific need
  • Market positioning, etc.

Having the right information is good, but knowing when to use it is the core of results. The key to B2B business success is not only data collection.

At GlaB2B we can help you identify, obtain and interpret the data that is essential for your company. To later grow and achieve each of your marketing objectives. 

In short, some of these points are not unknown to companies. It is necessary to consider which and how are being implemented. Theory is not the same as practice. So to stay one step ahead of your competition you have to properly implement these 5 recommendations.  

From GlaB2B we prepare unique and creative multi-channel strategies to achieve your goals in the strategic B2B marketing field. Are you ready to turn your business goals and opportunities into milestones? Don’t get left behind and contact us!

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